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Offering window tinting for offices to help you and your clients conduct business in a more comfortable environment.

Heat and Glare

The heat in Bakersfield can prove to be intense. Being next to a window that isn't tinted can be unbearable. Not to mention the glare that beams through. You can't even enjoy your view and your customers can't enjoy their experience. WIndow tinting changes all that with up to 90% heat rejection, improved view, and reduced glare. 


Natural disasters only seem to be getting worse and Bakersfield lies right near the San Andreas fault line, making it a potentially disastrous situation should an earthquake strike. Help protect your company's assets by getting your windows tinted. Window film helps to hold glass together to avoid shattering throughout the space.

Saving Money

Companies are always trying to look out for the bottom line and improve their shareholders' return on investment. Window tinting helps by reducing the costs of your electric bill, which looks good when it comes time to analyze finances. 

Prevent Theft

Theft can be disastrous for your company's assets. Window tinting helps to prevent theft by holding the glass together instead of allowing it to shatter, making it more difficult for thieves to break in. 

Prevent Damage

If you have a problem with store-front vandalism or graffiti, you may have spent countless company dollars replacing expensive windows. By tinting your windows, there is now a layer of protection. All you need to do is replace the window tint instead of a whole window, saving your company money.  

Protect Equipment

Have you noticed fading or other damage to your office furniture and other equipment? Harmful UV rays damage your assets. Window tinting blocks out 99% of all harmful UV rays, saving you costly expenses of replacing assets.